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Yeti - by Webolutions New Media

As you should know, the yeti is a mythical creature who is supposed to live in the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Although there have been many reported sightings of the Yeti, none of them have been documented with evidence in any way. Until now. Now you can talk to the abominal snowman via the Internet.

If you are an IRC chatter, you can also chat with yeti via EFNET. Join Channel #nepal and Yeti should automatically greet you. The language database for the two different yeti's are different. However the code is the same.

All responses and input to the yeti are logged for viewing by the public. Chat logs from previous days are logged and available.

Yeti is available via the web at and as per usual, you will leave The Simon Laven Pages if you follow this link.

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