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Shampage - By Rich Waugh

Rich Waugh created Shampage as a stand in for the BBS Sysop when a 13 year old kid tried to page him at 3:00 in the morning. However, to his surprise many sysops declared it to be the perfect program to answer questions in a serious and informative manner when the sysop was not around. This happened because the data file known as 'shampage.dat' was totally configurable for up to 100 keywords, allowing the program to be as real as the sysop was.

Shampage contains a routine to randomly vary the speed at which each letter is "typed". This automatic "typo & correction" routine made the program more believable. However, as Internet chatrooms nowadays send one line at a time in instant conversation, the cleverness of the routine is not as appreciated the way it used to.

Shampage Screenshot

Due to the fact that the last Shampage was released in 1992, the creator Rich Waugh regrets that he is unable to give technical support for his program. His DrawBridge BBS has, like many of the old Bulletin Board Systems, sadly closed down. Should you require assistance with Shampage or any other program that comes from The Simon Laven Pages then you can always mail me at

Rich Waugh also worked with Rey Barry on a Santa Claus version of the hit program Shampage. Using this program you could have a conversation with Santa and tell him what you want for Christmas.

Download [162k]
After unzipping, run the file Start.Bat

Download [72k]
After unzipping, run the file Santa.Exe

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