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Omnibot - by Jon Reder

Like Hal, Omnibot knows very little at the beginning. Like a child, it needs to be taught. The more it is taught, the more it then knows. What it learns is stored in MEM files as aspects of it's memory. You can also tell it about words that have the same meaning. For example, Canine, Wolf, Puppy and K9 all have the same meaning as Dog, this means that you don't have to repeat the same phrase several times.

It also comes bundled with a dos program that reads in entire text files and converts them into MEM files. These can then be used as memory modules. Omnibot and the included programs are freeware but the source code costs $25.00 should you wish to create an Omnibot for yourself.

Omnibot can be downloaded here here and is 203k in size.

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