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    Who is Simon Laven?
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    JFRED is developed and released as an Open Source project under Public License. More information is available at

    Landru, a Robitron Java applet based on the computer featured in the Star Trek episode "The Return of the Archons". In the show, Landru was first a man, and then a machine.

    Bruce, working at Radio Shack selling batteries and electronic parts, this Chatterbot is a CGI implementation of JFred.

    The Turing Hub, like a switchboard, it currently uses a java applet which looks a bit like a chat room interface for the Functional Response Emulation Device.

    Note: JFRED refers to Java-based Functional Response Emulation Devices. The Fred system was also used in the creation of the original Fred (in the Classic Chatterbots section) and Barry (in the Complex Chatterbots section).