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Amy, enjoying fun topics like everyone else, Amy is a gossip. Simply by asking her for gossip you will hear the latest from some of Amy's friends as she loves chatting online.

BBSChat, loosely based on the classic BBS door Shampage, and exists simply because the author felt that he could do one better. This incarnation can follow the thread of a conversation.

Billy and Daisy, two chatterbots created by Greg Leedberg. Billy has mind files which contain his knowledge, language, and personality, while Daisy has no such built-in responses.

Dawn, a program with not one, but six chatterbots inside it. Shy children, party animals and cranky old ladies all feature in this set of Chatterbots designed for use as a BBS door.

Elbot, a grumpy robot created using Kiwilogic's Chatterbot creation tools. He is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the Lingubot software but is sometimes not in the mood for visitors.

George, a chatterbot with a voice. By using Stephen Neely's TRAN program, the little Chatterbot can reply to you via your speakers. It's an old program though, so his voice is mechanical at best.

Johnny 5 [currently down], modelled after the robot made famous by the Short Circuit movies, this Chatterbot attempts to replicate the style of the original robot with screenshots from the films.

Lauren, an Alice based diva with an outgoing personality. She was the winner of the Chatterbot Beauty Contest at the 2002 International Lisp Conference.

MeBot, a Java chatterbot that attempts to simulate the personality of Chris Holden, a twentysomething curry-loving computer programmer from Staffordshire in England.

Ultra Hal, bearing no relation to Hal, the teachable chatterbot from Jason Hutchens, Ultra Hal is a Chatterbot from the Natural-Language Processing Company, Zabaware Inc.