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Alice, a project that attempts to transfer the contents of a mind into computers and create Chatterbots of themselves. In this case, it is the 'mind' of Professor Richard S. Wallace.

ALIMbot, this chatterbot differs from others by focusing on the conveying of emotions and the simulation of feelings rather than attempting to understand every possible thread of conversation.

Barry, from Robby Garner. A few years old now, it still remains a quantum leap in conversational simulation, allowing people with ordinary PC's to hold complex conversations in real-time.

Brian, 'The Biologically Realistic Intelligent Android - Not' is a Chatterbot that thinks it's an 18 year old college student. Created by Joe Strout as an experiment in artificial intelligence. a client-side engine that selectively streams audio voice responses from its server.

Catty, not like normal Chatterbots, Catty is trolling around, picking randomly chosen phrases, and then searching for them on Google, parsing webpage dumps as she goes along.

CHAT and TIPS, developed by the Communications Research Centre to provide easy access to electronic information. They can answer sensitive questions about AIDS and Sex Education.

EllaZ, dealing Atlantic City style Blackjack, telling I Ching fortunes, and performing various useful functions. A Convun database contains thousands of jokes, trivia, anecdotes and poems.

Elizabeth, an adaptation of Eliza in which various selection, substitution, and phrase storage mechanisms have been enhanced and generalised to increase the flexibility of the Chatterbot.

Hex, a clever chatterbot developed by Jason Hutchens while a university student in Australia studying for his PhD. Hex won the 1996 Loebner Prize for the most human computer.

Jabberwock, understanding more than 30,000 words - and knowing about 2,200,000 sentences - this huge 'Alice in Wonderland' inspired Chatterbot likes riddles.

Jack the Ripper, in the autumn of 1888, a sadistic man prowled the dimly lit streets of London's East End. A disturbing use of Chatterbot technology has made him available to face charges.

John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project, this highly ambitious product is programmed with John's own thoughts and words as expressed to those who knew him.

Landru, a Robitron applet based on the computer featured in the Star Trek episode "The Return of the Archons". In the show, Landru was first a man, and then a machine.

Start, from the AI Lab at MIT. Start's database contains a way to finding out everything you ever wanted to know and is up to the minute (Eg: 'What's the weather like in New York?')

Talk-Bot, retrieved from a UFO crash in January 2001 the injuries sustained in the accident leaves this ever more knowledgeable chatterbot unsure whether he is a robot or a human.

Yeti, there have been many reported sightings of the Yeti, but none of them have been documented with real evidence until now. Yes, the abominal snowman is on the Internet.