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Claude - by Brian Mclaughlin

Claude is perhaps the weirdest chatterbot here at The Simon Laven Page, but by recognizing keywords he manages to tie it all in with what you are saying. Brian McLaughlin, the author, is quoted as saying that "Claude isn't very smart compared to you, but it spells well".

Claude is a clone of Racter, originally developed by William Chamberlain and Thomas Etter in 1984 and short for Raconteur. Apart from chat, Rector could be called upon to generate original literature. He is believed to be the first computer program to write a book, when in the same year of his creation he generated a collection of poetry and prose entitled The Policeman's Beard is Half-Constructed.

So if Claude spells well and talks stupid, does it work? Take a look at this conversation.

Claude Believe me. You wouldn't want to know. But I woudn't swear to it. I hope
you don't mind me asking, Simon, but have you ever cheated a law clerk?
User Not as yet, No.
Claude No. I suppose not. Of course, it's all relative, you know. People say
ministers couldn't run true to form. But I bet they could, if they tried.
User I suppose so.
Claude You're so smart, Simon! I never say any good stuff like that. However,
I can't be bothered with that. My sister agreed to find trash. That's
probably because she was gloomy. The last I heard she had moved to
Savannah and was biting a creep. But, it's like they say: Life isn't all
whiney women and song.

Now if Claude can hold conversations like that, what does that make him? Download him and try it out for yourself. An interesting feature is that Claude can print out your conversations in real-time, generating it's own printed work, so you can look back at them at a later date.

Download 90k, (

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