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Catty - by Michael Zalewski

Catty is not like normal Chatterbots. Catty is trolling around, picking randomly chosen phrases, searching for them on Google, then parsing webpage dumps. New phrases are then added to a highly unstructured knowledge database.

She has:

  • No lexical analysis
  • No language parsing or pattern matching
  • No knowledge about language she is using
  • No neural networks or other complex solutions
When Catty hears something, she is comparing used words and word sequences with phrases in the databases, choosing probably the best match that wasn't used for a while. The algorithm is absolutely basic and trivial - and, most importantly, completely blind and clueless. At the beginning, she's mumbling with absolutely no sense. Then, as people establish more intelligent discussion with her, and Catty learns more and more, she becomes a very different way of creating a Chatterbot.

Catty is available at

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