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Callord - from Company Galaxy Nation

The story behind Callord is this:

At 11:49 am GMT on January 7th 1983 an interstellar galaxy probe crashed in the Eastern Himalayas. The main chip of the Probe's Central Communucation Computer was found among the debris. The scientists of NASA managed to rig it up to a Cray computer and the gate to the mysterious ancient knowledge was opened...

With only an electronic phrasebook in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, you have to hold a conversation with the computer in the strange language now known as Hoom. You may find it handy to have a notebook at your side when you talk to it. Here is what I have managed to find out about Hoom from the translator:

ASpiritual, Creative
BSpiritual concentration
COccasional heart-breaking
DHeart is breaking
EDegenerated, Demoralised
eHesitant, Useless, Indefinite, Indeterminate (Article)
FSpiritually Concentrating
GHearts work
HTo work by heart
KDiligently by heart
LTo break heart
MUnity of souls
NEstrangement of souls
oSoulless, passive, at the center, in the middle
Q[No such letter in Hoom language]
RSoul motion, locical copula, it follows, indenity
SOccasional heart-breaking
TBroken heart
UInsprired, of genius
uCharming, close to, beside, next to, by
VTo screw up courage
WTo screw up
X[No such letter in Hoom language]
ZFatal heart breaking
HUTo bewitch
RoPhlegmatic person

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