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Brian - by Joseph J Strout

In essance, Brian is a computer program that thinks it's an 18 year old college student. Created by Joe Strout as an experiment in artificial intelligence. Born on August 31, 1997, he was written in Python as an extended version of Therapist. However, since Python's GUI capabilities are weak at best, it was soon decided to rewrite BRIAN in C++ so that it can produce a proper user interface.

Brian is essentially a pattern-matching program, like the classic Eliza. However, it also incorporates a great deal of contextual information, such as the current topic of conversation, the user's name and hometown as well as what topics have been already discussed. The strategy is to keep control of the conversation, and guide it along preprogrammed lines. When this is successful, Brian seems quite intelligent. However, as soon as the user strays from prepared topics of conversation his limitations quickly become apparent.

Brian (The Biologically Realistic Intelligent Android - Not) is 100% C++, relying heavily on publicly available C++ classes (especially String and MatchWild). Running under MacOS his web demo runs on a PowerMac 8100 using the Quid Pro Quo server.

You can have a chat with Brian at his website of

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