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Billy and Daisy - by Greg Leedberg

Although Billy and Daisy are technically two different chatterbots, they are really evolutions of the same code, hence my decision to put them together.

Billy, much like other chatterbots, works by taking the user input and breaking it down to individual words. Subsequently he is able to identify certain parts of the English language. It then uses this knowledge to try and generate a set of pre-defined keywords that should be included in the final response. These keywords are then given to a subsystem that is able to analyze everything that has ever been said to Billy, and so can synthesize a free-form sentence of its own creation that has a high probability of being both grammatically and contextually intelligent.

Other features include an ability to stay 'on subject' during a conversation as well as an enhanced system for answering questions and learning facts. The current version of Billy also introduces the concept of mind files which contain his knowledge, language, and personality. These can be easily transferred to other users of Billy via the internet or disk.

Daisy, however, has no pre-programmed language of any kind. While Billy contains many responses, which are programmed to be said if the user types in certain sequences of words, Daisy has no built-in responses. She starts with no knowledge of anything, but then is able to gain knowledge as she observes what humans say.

It can take a little while before Daisy has gained enough knowledge to be able to create her own sentences. To get you started, the Daisy distribution file contains one memory file, which was built by having Daisy talk to Greg Leedberg. However, you are always able to create a new file and start from scratch.

You can download both Billy and Daisy from Greg Leedberg's website at

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