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Barry DeFacto - by Robby Garner

Barry DeFacto is a brilliant chatterbot from Robby Garner and Robitron Software Research which was a quantum leap in conversational simulation.

Barry represented a a significant shift from it's predecessor, Milton Beasley. Milton was a program that took 2.5 minutes to reply to 'Hello Milton, how are you today?'. Whereas Barry took 2.5 seconds to reply to 'Hello Barry, how are you today'.

Barry Screenshot

The main reason for this increased response time was the decision by Robby Garner to write Barry in C++, and not in the forth generation DataFlex language. It was this increased flexibility that made Chatterbots more viable to use in the accessing of databases and help files, as well as allowing people with standard PC's to hold complex conversations with Chatterbots in real-time.

Barry can be downloaded here and is 3.7 MB in size.

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