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ALIMbot - by Mohammed Faizul Wahid

ALIMbot is a Chatterbot written in Visual Basic 6.0. ALIM, in Classical Arabic, means the one who has knowledge.

ALIMbot differs from other Chatterbots by focusing on what to say and how to say it, rather than trying to make ALIM attempt to understand every possible thread of conversation.

While many techniques are used to develop bots which can think and respond like humans do, Mohammed Faizul Wahid has focused on what he calls a 'more human-like response', including the conveying of emotions and the simulation of feelings. This calls for effective expression of the bot's output by displaying words representing anger or importance in capitals while joy can be represented in a multicolor output.

Alimbot Screenshot

One of the methods currently being considered is the modification of ALIMbot's database to exhibit a poetic personality.

ALIMbot is available at

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