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Alice - by Richard S Wallace and his crew

Alice is a natural language interface which was originally connected to a telerobotic camera eye. S11:48 AM 8/18/2019he will explain a lot about herself in response to questions like 'who made you?' and 'what is your purpose?'. She attempts to paint a small picture of what Han Moravec and Arthur C. Clarke predicted: The ability for humans to transfer the contents of their minds into computers and thereby transform themselves into immortal robots.

Her knowledge base consists of thousands of facts, quotes and ideas that were "transferred" (by typing and OCR) from brain storage into storage on the server by Professor Richard S. Wallace who was then at Lehigh University. Most of the interface is based around natural language processing, so there is no such thing as an 'error message' as ALICE attempts to reply to any remark, question or request.

The Alice Web interface is somewhat like a chat-line designed to normalize the differences between human and machine intelligence. Most of the time the server runs autonomously, but a super-user can monitor conversations and interrupt Alice if he wants to talk live (though in practise this seldom occurs). Thus, Alice is designed to confuse the client's feelings about whether it is a person or a machine.

You can visit Alice and programs based upon her at

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